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The Game

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How many catfights can I make in my action phase?

Only one. You decide against who: against one drag queen or enemy or against several enemies or several drag queens at the same time.

Do I have to catfight all the enemies of a stage?

It’s up to you! When there are several enemies in the same stage, you can catfight against one, two, three… As many as you want. Note that the more enemies there are in a combat, the more dangerous it becomes (see page 10 of the Rulebook).

If you're on a stage with enemies, do they catfight you?

No. You only catfight them if you decide on your turn.


Can a Shade be cancelled?

Yes, when a Shade is played from the hand, the moment it is shown, it’s in play. At that time, you can discard a Weirdness point to discard it.